Teacher Recruit


Job offer: We are looking for teachers who are native speakers of English.

A Full-time Contract with Visa Sponsorship or a Part-time Contract

Do you love seeing the smile on a child’s face? Do you want a job that is both rewarding and challenging? Come work with us at Universal Campus! We are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and responsible people to join our staff. Our goal is simple: to make our students the best English speakers they can be. We have a clear, well-planned curriculum to help them reach their goal. Full-time contracts with visa sponsorship are available to qualified applicants.

Types of Courses and Classes

In order to assure a student’s progress, we prepare various lesson plans and programs. Our teachers teach the same classes for an entire year. Teachers are able to see each student’s progress and growth, and have the opportunity to get to know the students well.

Our students are mainly 5 to 12 years old.
There is a maximum of 8 students per class (average of 3-6 students in one class)
*Teaching guides and materials are all provided to the teacher.

BUSY BODIES COURSE(ages 0 to 6 years old)

*Baby ClassAges 0 to 1 year old, accompanied by parents; 40 min. /week
*BB Pair ClassAges 2 to 4 years old, accompanied by parents; 40 min. /week
*BB Solo ClassAges 3 to 6 years old; 40 min. /week
*Immersion ClassAges 3 to 6 years old; 80 min. /week

KIDS COURSE(ages 6 to 12 years old)

*Basic Kids Class (BK1~BK3)Ages 6 to 12 years old; 45 min. /week
*Advanced Kids Class (AK1~AK8)Ages 6 to 12 years old; 90 min. /week (Native teacher 45min.+Japanese teacher 45min.)

Junior & Senior Course(Junior high school and High school students)

*Native teacher +Japanese teacher 40min./week or 80min./week

University & Adult Students Course

*Weekly ClassOnce a week ~
*Private ClassOnce a week ~

Other Classes

*Science Experiment Class in English
*Global Kids Class
*Virtual Homestay Class
45min. /week (twice a month)

Fun and Educational Events

Universal Campus offers a variety of fun English learning events. There are four picnics a year, as well as a summer camp, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Easter Party, and Speech Performance Day. These events are filled with educational elements focusing on “natural English conversation.”


At Universal Campus, there are four picnics a year. We do things such as BBQ’s, going to aquariums, visiting the Space and Sience Museum, and so on. The picinics are always a lot of fun and are a great way for kids to be able to apply their English skills outside of the classroom.


Summer English Camp

We have Summer English Camp for two nights every year. For this event, teachers practice for a dance routine they will teach to the kids at camp. We cook food with the kids, do fun activities like swimming or canoeing, and have a big campfire to toast marshmallows.


Halloween Party

The Halloween Party is very special for native teachers. Kids and teachers wear interesting costumes, participate in lots of fun Halloween activities, and get lots of candy.


Christmas Party

Kids can learn about Christmas by joining in special party activities and celebrating the holiday with teachers. They also have the chance to get to meet Santa Claus.


Beyond Teaching

Our teachers not only build up their teaching skills, but business experience as well. They have many opportunities to gain a better understanding of Japanese culture by communicating with Japanese students and their parents, as well as working as a team member with Japanese staff members.

Lobby Talk

Interacting with students and their parents in the lobby is very important to build trust and discuss the progress of students in class. It also gives native teachers the opportunity to learn how to properly communicate with Japanese customers.


After school, native teachers and Japanese teachers clean the classrooms together. By keeping the school clean, we are ensuring that students can learn in a safe and hygenic environment.

Model Lesson

Native teachers have sample lessons to introduce UC to prospective students and their parents. It’s the first time for many students to immerse themselves in English, so teachers should support and encourage students to enjoy English.

A “day in the life” of a Universal Campus teacher


Working Conditions

 Full Time Teacher
Working hoursTue-Fri 12:45-21:00 / Sat 9:45-18:00
※Subject to change depending on your school.
Holidays OFF/Sun&Mon
* Special events such as parties, summer camp, picnics, etc. occuring on Sundays will be working days, sometimes with different working hours.
* 123 days off a year.
* One week-long vacation several times throughout the year.
Work LocationKansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga)
Kanto area (Yokohama)
Monthly Salary250,000 yen
*Every month’s salary is a fixed amount.
(Training will be held.)
Social Insurance and PensionSocial Insurance (Health Insurance /Japanese pension / workers insurance) is provided.
TransportationAll transportation fees are reimbursed.
HousingHousing isn’t provided by our company, but we can help new teachers find housing if necessary.
Some moving expenses are covered if an employee meets some requirements.
Visa SupportVisa sponsorship is available for eligible applicants.
(Only for full-time positions)
Qualifications・University graduate or university student
・Able to work for at least one year

*Before contacting us, please ensure you meet the following requirements:
□Able to work as part of a team
□Able to commit to at least one contract year of employment

Contact Us

※Due to the large number of applications we receive, only candidates who pass our screening will be contacted by us.


Anyone can become a good English speaker. The most rewarding part of our job is seeing students learn and grow as individuals. There is nothing better than seeing the smiles on students’ faces when they realize that they can communicate with us in English. The relationships you can build and the experiences you can share with our students are life-long treasures. Our well-planned curriculum and experienced, supportive team members make it easy to quickly become a confident, professional teacher. All that is required is a passion for people and the desire to help people realize their dreams!

※Due to the large number of applications we receive, only candidates who pass our screening will be contacted by us.



  • Kitaoji School: approx. 1 min walk from Subway Kitaoji Sta.
  • Oike Scool: approx. 2 min walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Sta. (Tozai Subway Line)
  • Fushimi School: approx. 3 min walk from Keihan Railway Fushimi-momoyama Sta.
  • Matsuiyamate School: approx. 30 min by bus from Kyoto Sta.


  • Omihachiman School: approx. 1 min walk from JR Omihachiman Sta.
  • Kusatsu School: approx. 2 min walk from JR Kusatsu Sta.
  • Otsu School: approx. 10 min walk from JR Zeze Sta.
  • Seta School: approx. 6 min walk from JR Seta Sta.
  • Mimami Hikone School: approx. 1 min walk from JR Minami Hikone Sta.


  • Ikeda School: approx. 1 min walk from Hankyu Ikeda Sta.
  • Saito School: approx. 1 min walk from Osaka Monorail Saito-nishi Sta.
  • Neyagawa School: approx. 20 min by bus from Keihan Neyagawa Sta.


  • Ashiya School: approx. 5 min walk from JR Ashiya Sta.
  • Amagasaki School: approx. 3 min walk from JR Amagasaki Sta.
  • HAT Kobe: approx. 8 min walk from Hanshin Iwaya Sta.
  • Mikage School: approx. 3 min walk from Hanshin Mikage Sta.
  • Maitamon School: approx. 4 min by bus from GakuenToshi Sta.
  • Akashi Okubo School: approx. 1 min walk from JR Okubo Sta.


  • Kitayamata School: approx. 3 min walk from Green line Kitayamata Sta.
  • Miyamaedaira School: approx. 3 min walk from Tokyu Den-en-toshi line Miyamaedaira Sta.
  • Musashi-shinjyo: approx. 1 min walk from JR Nambu Line Musashi shijyo Sta.
  • Nagatsuta School: approx. 15 min by bus from JR Yokohama-line Nagatsuta Sta.